Our Core Values


Hard work:  We shall work professionally and to utmost best, utilizing all our energies and  abilities towards academic success.

Punctuality: We shall economically utilize the available time appropriately and ensure no wastage of the resource of time.

Integrity: We shall be committed to honest, open accountable and transparent relationship and understanding.

Humility: We shall humble ourselves and allow others to broaden our scope of knowledge.

Chastity: We shall maintain our purity and shall not engage in conflicting premarital sexual activities.

Teamwork: We shall work as a team of students, teachers, support staff, parents, BOM, PTA and other stakeholders.

 Commitment: All stakeholders and team players to be committed in their duties and responsibilities.

Perseverance: We shall endeavor to maintain our cool even in times of strenuous challenges.


Our mission and vision

VISION:         To be center of Academic Excellence

MISSION:      To offer holistic …

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Kianguenyi Secondary school was started in 1978 with the efforts of the parents /community who worked in collaboration with Kianguenyi Primary School …

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